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Keeping Perspective & Achieving Balance In the face of Rapid Change & Stress

Keeping Perspective & Achieving Balance In the face of Rapid Change & Stress

If you are juggling multiple responsibilities under continual stress and pressure in the face of rapid change, you may be experiencing the THREE RING CIRCUS SYNDROME!

Do you feel like the performer who has to keep juggling more and more items? Does it seem you’re constantly dashing from one major “ring” of your life to the other, carrying a few monkeys on your back as you go? Are changes flying toward you as fast as trapeze swings? Are you expected to perform budget balancing and employee taming with insufficient resources? Do you sometimes feel like a defenseless furry forest creature with wild lions and tigers roaring at you at work and at home?

Does the prospect of balancing all of the aspects of your life seem as unlikely as walking a circus tightrope?

You are not alone! As a nation, we are working more and playing less. Our working hours have increased by 20% over the past decade, while leisure time has decreased by 32%. And stress-related illnesses — the fastest growing segment of worker’s compensation claims — have more than doubled in the past decade.

The solution? To learn to shift perspective and develop skills that help you handle stress, cope with change, face risk, and maintain balance among all the different elements of life.

From this workshop you will learn:
How to develop a Ringmaster’s perspective to coordinate activities in all the Rings.
How to create safety nets to reduce the risk in jumping from one trapeze of change to another.
How to distinguish between harmful stress and positive, challenging, growth-promoting stress.
How to change the way you react to stress.
How to become stress-resistant enough to swallow flames of stress without flinching!
How to use stress and changing circumstances to your advantage.
How to avert burnout.
How to keep the monkeys from jumping on your back and following you home or to work.
How to stay calm in a crisis, even with what seems like wild lions chasing you.
How to communicate difficult messages effectively.
How to develop a strong support network to help in all areas of work & life.
How to shift perspective or regain balance by turning the big kaleidoscope of life.
How to draw on your innate creativity to solve problems.
How humor heals, reduces stress, smoothes over conflicts, and makes people more comfortable.
How to use play and creativity to reduce stress, cope with change and increase productivity.
How to create the harmony in your life that brings you joy.

Who should attend this workshop: Anyone who wants to survive and thrive in the 21st Century!