About Carolyn Long

Carolyn Long, president of Corporate Communications Company, is a writer, professional speaker, communications and PR consultant and coach who develops and conducts marketing and promotional campaigns and presents keynotes and seminars across the country on a variety of subjects.

Her articles appear in business and health publications, and she has appeared as both a lifestyle and financial expert on numerous regional and national radio and TV news and talk shows.

Everything she does reflects Carolyn’s passion for language and the magic it creates in print, from the platform, and most importantly, in people’s lives.

Why Hire Carolyn:

Carolyn’s extensive background in writing and editing, corporate marketing management, public and investor relations, professional speaking, association management and education gives her the expertise to meet a diversity of client needs, which she does with humor and élan.


Carolyn’s entertaining and motivational programs increase productivity, morale, innovation, and enthusiasm in today’s high-pressured, rapidly-changing workplace.

Her customized keynotes and seminars enable people to network and communicate more effectively and maximize the value of meetings and conferences.

She empowers program attendees and individual clients with the knowledge, the inspiration, the tools and techniques to connect with the people, resources, ideas and parts of themselves needed to achieve greater joy, creativity, and personal and professional fulfillment.


Carolyn’s comprehensive coaching experience enables her to prepare clients for a wide variety of presentation challenges, whether before a group, at a meeting, or on television.

She specializes in coaching high tech professionals (individually or in groups) to network more effectively both within and outside their companies, in large conferences or in one-on-one situations.


When EVERY WORD MEANS MONEY, Carolyn’s Corporate Communications Company will write winning copy and press releases.

When you need to create a marketing or PR campaign, reach your audience with a unique message, establish your expertise, promote products or services, attract support for a cause, or translate complex concepts into everyday language, Carolyn’s team will create press releases, brochures, info-ads, broker fact sheets, trade journal articles, or help you develop an entire promotional campaign.

Carolyn also coaches clients on ways to generate free and low-cost publicity.

This “Renaissance Woman” as she has been dubbed, considers her highest compliment that of her daughter’s:  “Mom, you’re no dead bug on the lampshade of life.”

She will shed a refreshing new light on whatever it is you are attempting to do!

Carolyn Long - Bio:
Carolyn’s expertise encompasses the corporate, journalistic, association, academic, financial, artistic, and entrepreneurial realms.

She has been a professional public speaker for more than fifteen years, while writing, editing books, coaching and providing PR services for other authors and speakers. She was marketing director for divisions of two Fortune 500 companies.

Carolyn’s coaching experience includes speaker coaching; executive coaching for TV appearances, crisis announcements and Q & As; investor relations coaching of public company executives conducting due diligence meetings.

She taught English Grammar on television, high school creative writing, and college sales and business management courses. She headed her own PR and Investor Relations firms; co-produced and promoted a national expo for seniors; edited numerous books, published numerous articles, and wrote a Guidebook on the OTC Market. She co-produced a DVD based on her 9/11 Memorial poem, “Angels Over America,” with an award-winning New York arranger/composer.

Carolyn Long holds a bachelor’s degree from of the University of Maryland, a Master’s degree from Loyola College, and did graduate work at the University of California, San Diego. She was a founding member of the National Association of Senior Living Industries, a long-time member of the National Speakers Association, president and executive director of the non-profit Baltimore-Washington Information Systems Educators; and a member of several professional photography associations.You now can buy clomid cheap