“Your keynote presentation was among the best we have ever hosted–both entertaining and informative.”

__Hal Herring, Computer Sciences Raytheon NMA Program Chair, Cape Canaveral, FL
“From Will Rogers to Victor Borge to sleight-of-hand, you captivated an audience of technical support professionals at the Help Desk Institute. The “Tips for Building a Successful Personal Business Network” were invaluable! Your presentation on the art of networking for technical support personnel was very well received, as evidenced by all the business card exchanges and sharing of information which occurred after your presentation.”

__Patrick S. McKoen, President, Maryland Help Desk Institute

“Thank you for the extremely enjoyable and worthwhile seminar on Networking Mastery. Our staff has gained immediate benefits by learning about the advantages of networking, how to get new contacts, and how to develop those into relationships. I was especially impressed and delighted by the amount of work you put in to prepare for the session, which was obvious by how well the session was tailored to our needs. Also, the follow-up material you sent and the calls made it clear that you have a genuine concern for delivering the most value to the client. I look forward to having you back again.”
__Sincerely, Steven Vicinanza, Ph.D., President Carnegie Technologies

“You did an outstanding job at the orientation session at the ARDA (American Resort Development Conference). I was most impressed with your ability and the professionalism of your presentation.”
__Anthony R. Gengy, Managing Partner, ALTON Leisure Industries, L.L.C.

“You made me look good! You did a wonderful job — you had everyone’s undivided attention the whole time! Your seminar was a huge success – when the meeting was over, everybody was more comfortable networking with each other. Your enthusiastic and friendly personality are a perfect combination for a Networking Seminar. Thanks again!”
__Denise Lewis, Help Desk Institute Program Chair, MD

“Great talk! Powerful networking, Safari Lady! Kudos for your great performance — A creative, fun, energized “look” and advice on networking. Rave reviews!!”
__Deirdre Murray, Sprint

“We received tremendous feedback from all participants!”
__Nancy R., National Association of Professional Saleswomen

“Your presentation on the use of Humor in the Workplace was both fascinating and hilarious. Our members left feeling energized and optimistic about the applications of laughter in the workplace. Several people have commented on how they have consciously added more levity to their jobs and have seen positive results in terms of increased morale and productivity.”
__Rebecca R., National Society for Performance and Instruction

“Your presentation was outstanding! So effective! People were talking about it throughout the evening.”
__Betty Arbuckle, Washington Financial Group, Washington, DC

“Your enthusiasm and positive attitude were contagious”
__Tammy Bane, MRC Group

“Thank you so much for your Communications Workshop. I was impressed by how receptive the audience was to your ideas and materials. The positive results of your workshop were evident from the audience participation, and, in my opinion, were quite remarkable. The personality profiles were invaluable. It was great to see how effectively we can communicate with our co-workers when we know their personality types and our own! Thanks again for a job well done.”
__Judy L. Marvel, VP, Professional Development, NMA, Computer Sciences Corporation

We absolutely loved the ‘Soft Networking’ workshop! Here’s a sampling of the comments made by our participants:

“Carolyn’s ideas were vital; presentation was great!”

“The most useful thing I gained was the ‘reminder to be people oriented; take time from doing to listening.’”

“Hold a mirror up to others to let them see the beauty in themselves—What a great idea!”

“Thanks for the permission to really enjoy my co-workers, their company, and the many hours we spend together.”

“Friendship as the basis of Soft Networking—A lovely way to approach business!”

“I love the idea that Networking no longer means ‘What can I get from you?’ but “What can we do to help each other?’ This will be my new beacon!”

__Camille Crawford, Staff Development Workshop Coordinator, Prince George’s Community College