Triumph In Transition

The classic nuclear family is no longer the norm. Today, just one in ten families fits the “traditional” definition. As the family undergoes unprecedented transition – with more single parent households, and more families in crisis than ever before – the impact on families, children, the workplace, and society at large is incalculable.

Transition Crisis is Pandemic!

Divorce is rampant, and research indicates that one in five men and one in three women consider suicide during the first year after divorce. At best, those in transition undergo extreme stress. Many admit to months or    years of pervasive dysfunction & diminished performance at work. This translates into substantial losses in corporate productivity.

Triumph In Transition
is a highly entertaining workshop which provides participants with a new perspective and a framework within which to hold transition experiences, as well as a total package of tools for coping with them.

Attendees consistently report substantial stress reduction, increased energy, renewed focus on important life goals, and increased joy and confidence in achieving those goals.

In short, they learn how to reclaim their lives!

Attendees Learn How To:

Regain perspective and balance in the midst of crisis
Design a new blueprint for their lives, with new goals
Shift from reactive behaviors to proactive ones
Cope creatively with each stage of transition recover
Rebuild self worth as they redefine self-image
Integrate old values with new realities
To avert or overcome depression
Increase life energy and productivity
Develop networking skills in business and social arenas
Build and maintain a support network
Have fun and reclaim their joy in life!

Who should attend: Anyone undergoing family or life transitions.

Carolyn Long has been featured in and written many articles on this subject, and has appeared on numerous national and local television and radio shows regarding her research and work in guiding people through relationship transition crises.