Networking Conference Opener

It’s a Jungle Out There!  Make It An Adventure!

Networking skill is widely recognized as a distinguishing characteristic of top performers and a major determinant of both personal and professional success.

Networking Conference Opener attendees develop networking strategies to make every encounter a positive adventure, and every event productive . . . including this one.

Research shows:

  • One week after a seminar, the average person remembers only 7% of what was said.
  • Attendees consistently report the most valuable thing they take from any conference:
  • The new friendships and professional alliances they have made.

Convention Fever: Attendees from across the world meet in a new and exciting setting where they are faced with overwhelming presentation options and activities. Many feel compelled to pack in as many formal events as possible, running from one to the other without much planning. Some, feeling more secure with people they already know, leave without making any new or enduring connections. Most attend a variety of stimulating and informative programs and events, dragging home a bundle of conference collaterals, seminar notes, session tapes or videos, books, and maybe even a stack of business cards–with which they do nothing. They may be hard-pressed to identify what they brought from the convention that will really help them in their lives and in their work.

Strategies That Maximize the Value of Meetings and Conferences

Participants in the Networking Conference Opener learn to have fun while maximizing the value of any conference or event—or casual encounter!

Carolyn Long, president of Corporate Communications Company, is an inveterate networker who specializes in teaching people to network more effectively. Her entertaining and effective methods can help anyone overcome shyness and develop the confidence and techniques to connect with people any place, any time.

Whether attendees are outgoing and gregarious or shy and reticent, they will gain more from a convention by:

  • Identifying conference goals in advance
  • Developing a conference strategy
  • Acquiring and rehearsing the tools to implement that strategy

From this one day workshop you will learn:

  • Benefits of networking—at a conference, at work, anywhere!
  • How networking increases your luck!
  • The powerful role of networking in career and personal success.
  • Where to find networking opportunities.
  • How to create an unforgettable “Micro-Intro.”
  • How identifying conference goals can dramatically increase the value of a conference
  • How to develop a Convention Strategy
  • How to develop the confidence to make connections with people any time, any place
  • How to overcome your personal blocks to networking
  • How to develop conversation openers
  • How to build rapport that leads to enduring relationships
  • How to ask the most captivating questions
  • What to do with all those cards!
  • How to develop an effective contact management system
  • Successful follow-up techniques that produce results!

In summary: How to increase your sphere of influence, manage large numbers of contacts efficiently, and build mutually supportive relationships.
Who should attend this workshop: Anyone who wants a more fulfilling, joyful life.

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